Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A skilled ping-pong player dedicates hours of his life mastering amazing and unique trick-shots.

Practising at home in Bangalore, India, Harish Tiwari, 24, has become a master of the table tennis trick-shot.

Honing his skills for hours on end, Harish has used his skills and creativity in order to perform a series of unbelievable trick-shots.

Using cups, frisbees and dominoes, Harish doesn’t quit until he nails his shot.

Harish said: “I have been a ping pong player for almost 15 years now. I have been a national level player in India for seven years straight.

“There is nothing to dislike about this game; the agility, the speed and everything being in the moment.

“I mostly draw inspiration from things that are happening around me and try to incorporate them into my tricks.

“I have attempted trick shots which took me seven hours to get right and then there are few which happen at once.

“It gives me a lot of satisfaction to complete one trick shot. I really enjoy that feeling.”