By Jack Mobley

This groom-to-be planned the perfect proposal with a Beauty and The Beast theme leaving his girlfriend speechless.

Paul Rivera decided to plan the perfect engagement for his girlfriend, Ada Sulbaran, 28, when the pair decided to go to Disney World at the for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween event in late September.

The 27-year-old realtor had made dinner reservations at the Beauty and The Beast themed restaurant, which is Ada’s favourite Disney film, dressing up as Belle and the human form of Beast from the iconic classic.

Paul, Ada and their families experienced a tour around the castle before entering the jaw-dropping room in which Paul takes Ada hand to dance.

Reluctantly, Ada bows to initiate the dance to the recognisable tune from the movie.

The duo glided across the floor and perfectly perform the dance: spinning and elegantly stepping in-line with the classical waltz.

At the end of the routine, Paul pauses and drops to one knee before Ada can step away then Paul presented the engagement box, Ada doesn’t hesitate and nods to Paul in a magical moment.

A chorus of cheers from the family and employees as the couple share a kiss as an engaged couple.

Paul said: “She was just shocked throughout the whole dance and the moments afterwards.

“I’m so blessed to have her and there’s no better feeling in the world than that.

“Beauty and the Beast has always been her favourite Disney movie and she was telling me in the beginning of the year that she has been going to Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween Party every year with her family.

“I found out that Disney has a restaurant that looked exactly like Beauty and the Beast so I decided to have dinner there with her.

When the plans were booked in May, Paul decided this was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propose and went about planning the various elements.

Paul contacted the appropriate organisers to allow the couple to perform a waltz, which they had perfected, in a private ballroom which is lifted directly from the film.

“I wanted it to be a private occasion so I called and emailed Disney about 50 times until I finally was able to get a hold of someone who works with the people at the restaurant.

“We started practicing the waltz because I told her that one day when we were married I would like to do a waltz as our first dance, little did she know it was actually for our engagement.

“I was extremely nervous, the whole time I was hoping that everything would go okay; that my mom would know how to use my camera because we had been practicing for a few weeks before her hands to get her ready.

“The one thing I wasn’t nervous about was her saying yes.

Plans for a date have not been set but Paul hopes that they can be wed in the near future.

Paul continued: “We’re thinking either this December that way we can have all our family come when they’re here for the holidays or in March.

“We wanted to do a Disney wedding but it was a bit out of our price range so we’re just going to do it themed, we just don’t want it to seem too cartoon.”