By Dan Coles


A bear has been caught cutting shapes in the wilderness.

Snapped in Finland by Russian photographer, Gudkov Andrey, 47, this young bear was scratching his back when Gudkov thought he had spotted a dancing bear.

The hilarious moment lasted seven minutes, with the bear choosing a different position each time to relieve an itch but almost looks like he’s pole dancing for an invisible crowd.


Professional wildlife photographer, Gudkov, from Russia, said: “When Finland has white nights, it’s a special place, bears come here a lot.

“A young bear came to the place where I was and went to the tree.

“He got up on hind legs and he began to scratch his back against this tree, which is a usual thing that isn’t often very interesting.

“This time, the bear from the side looked like a pole dancer on the podium – all of this went on for several minutes.”

Because of how many people travel through this area of Finland, the bears are used to them and do not attack any budding photographers taking pictures.

Gudkov said: “Bears in those parts are not at all afraid of people, and this bear was not scared of me.

“When you photograph wildlife and observe unusual animal behaviour it is always interesting.”