By Nick Smith


Super mum Keera Jones has just welcomed a beautiful baby boy – her FOURTH son in as many years.

Keera and husband Matt have enough boys to start off a family boyband – and have had so many that quickly that staff at the hospital even recognised her as she arrived in the maternity ward, and made sure she got the same room to give birth in each time.

Sales assistant Keera Jones gave birth to the latest addition to her family last week, welcoming Tadgh, weighing 9lb 14oz.

And while pals joke that she and husband Matt must have their hands full with four young boys, she has their household set up with such military precision that she says her latest arrival has slotted right in.

The newest addition joins big brothers Chase, five, Rocco, three, and Grayson, two – and they haven’t ruled out having any more.

Keera said: “Matt and I had always wanted a big family, and we just find it so exciting having so many children running around.

“My parents were foster carers and looked after more than 100 children, so our house was always very busy growing up.

“The older boys absolutely love their little brothers, they are desperate to help out.

“We had to laugh when we arrived at the hospital this time though, the midwife was waiting at the door for me, and she said: ‘Oh, hello again!'”

Keera, who worked as a childcare professional before her first son was born, gave birth to Chase in April 2015.

His brother Rocco followed 18 months later in November 2016, and a year later, in November 2017, Grayson was born.

She has delivered all four boys at the Meadow Birth Centre at Worcester Royal Hospital – and each has entered the world in the same room.

Proud dad, Matt, who works as a gas engineer, said: “It’s been great, but a little bit tiring, of course!

“I’ve been having to get used to doing the school run this week, which I only used to do in the morning when I was on late shifts but it has been lots of fun.”

The pregnancy was trouble free, with Keera saying she was totally relaxed and calm and that she took it in her stride.

On how life is going with the new addition at home, Keera added: It’s been brilliant. Tadhg is golden, he is very calm and chilled.

“I like having a busy family home, it’s all very exciting.

“They absolutely love Tadgh and have all been really helpful. They all want to pick him up and help change his nappy.

“Chase has just started school and he has loved going in to tell his teachers and new friends about his new baby brother.

“He’s delighted – he’s got a right little crew following him around now.

“We need to have a very strict routine to keep everything stress-free, but we’ve taught the boys we’re a team and we all have to help each other.

“We found out the gender of the first three boys but we kept Tagh a surprise. I knew he was going to be a boy though – after three, I just got a feeling!”

On the future, Keera says she’s open to having another child and says she is not craving a girl.

She added: “Never say never about another child, we’ll just see how it goes.

“I’m not fussed about whether we have a boy or girl next, if we have another child.

“Matt and I are just excited to have a big family.”

Matt says he remains open to the idea of another little one running around the home but ruled out making it five in five years, saying: “It’s definitely going to be four for the forseeable future but you can never rule out another one down the line.”

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:

“We’re delighted for Keera and Matt on the birth of their fourth son. It’s lovely to hear that they’ve spent time in the same birthing room for each and every one of their children and that they’ve been so happy with the care and attention they’ve received there.”