Animals Video

By Neo Bye


An energetic dog couldn’t hide his excitement when he went bike riding with his owner.

Petra Dvorakova and her pet pooch Rancho love nothing more than hitting the meadows near their home in Brno, Czech Republic, for their daily exercise.

With the Belgian Tervuren noticing his owner getting ready to go riding, the three-year-old couldn’t hide his excitement.

As soon as they were outside, Rancho led the way as the pair went haring over the meadows in a sport called bikejoring.

Petra said: “After I put a harness on him, Rancho gets very excited because he knows he’s going to run.

“He keeps jumping on me excitedly.

“The worst part comes when we’re outside and he makes it very difficult for me to get going with his constant jumping and running around the bike.

“He’s usually a very good boy, but when he sees the bike, he goes crazy.”