Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A professional skateboard has taken trickery to new levels by incorporating new elements such as jump ropes into his routines.

Ricky Glaser is a professional skateboarder residing in Melbourne, Australia, performing some of the innovative tricks seen.

In the montage, the 28-year-old can be seen jumping over the rope whilst skateboarding showcasing his crossover capabilities.

Other tricks include a dark slide which involves the board performing a half-rotation and landing on the grip tape onto a rail, meaning Ricky has to avoid landing on the wheels whilst grinding before dismounting the rail.

Dangerous jumps are also on display, Ricky pops the board though a car tyre whilst simultaneously jumping over the obstacle.

The final trick sees Ricky roll up to a sewer pipe exit, throw the board down the angle then, as it flips back to him, lands back on the board.

Ricky said: “I try to approach skating in a fun and unique way, sometimes that involves doing a trick other skaters wouldn’t think to try.

“Skating an obstacle in a way others wouldn’t think of, or even using additional props to come up with something fun.

“I plan to keep pushing this unique side of skating and doing my thing, i look forward to the future.

“Most of these were very difficult to execute.”