By Joe McFarlane


Creepy CCTV footage shows a woman being followed by a shadowy footage, who she believes to be the ghost of her boyfriend’s grandma who died at the property during a fire.

As Lacey Turner, 35, watered her plants at her home in Boring, Oregon, on August 6, she had no idea that a dark, creepy, shadowy figure was standing over her shoulder, watching her every move and slowly following every step she took.

At the same time a strange noise woke sleeping boyfriend Joe, who decided to check on Lacey through the camera feed attached to the house.

Watching the footage back and spotting the spooky figure, both Lacey and her boyfriend got the chills thinking back to a devastating event that occurred five months earlier.

During a night on March 15, the house on the property caught fire, resulting in the home burning to the ground.

The house belonged to Bob Barnes, 65, and was shared with Lacey, Joe, the family Dog and 90-year-old, wheelchair bound, June Barnes.

While Lacey and Joe made it out safely, June, Bob and the dog were trapped inside the burning house with many of the exits cut-off.

Lacey said: “Joe sprang into action and cut out the wall to grandma’s bedroom but she wasn’t in her bed so I begged Joe not to go in looking for her.

“But Joe went around the house searching for his dad. He found him on the floor, badly burned, not breathing or any signs of life.

“We pulled him to safety and though he did start breathing, he wasn’t expected to live.

“The dog perished 10 feet from grandma who didn’t make it past her bedroom door before she died of smoke inhalation.”

Since the devastating accident, though not expected to live, Bob has been going through physical-therapy to deal with his intense burns, while Lacey and Joe are the only family members who have remained on the property.

Lacey said: “The property has had an intense energy since the fire. We’ve had it blessed.”

“I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary at the time. But there has been an intense energy here since the fire. I’ve gotten used to it.”

“But when both we watched back the footage, the hair on my arms stood on end. It gave me the chills! Needless to say, I don’t water the plants after dark anymore.”