By Jack Mobley

A wildebeest was trying to cross a deadly river when a crocodile lunges for it but the prey manages to slip away from the fatal chomp.

Chris Bray, 36-year-old wildlife photographer, was in Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, overlooking the Mara river.

Chris was overseeing the mass migration of animals from Tanzania to Kenya in September when the lucky wildebeest escaped.

Many wildebeest traverse the dangerous waters in order to progress on their journey but the rivers are plagued with hungry Nile crocodiles awaiting an easy meal.

This particular croc spotted the opportunity for one struggling wildebeest and makes an attack for it, expanding its huge jaw

However, the wildebeest makes a last minute adjustment to its course which means that the razor sharp teeth scrape along the side of the wildebeest in a heart-racing moment.

The croc retreats into the muddy water, and the wildebeest successfully manoeuvred through the danger.

Chris said: “One huge Nile crocodile has spotted a crossing wildebeest and cruises over to it, bangs into it and makes a lunge for it, but amazingly the wildebeest somehow manages to just pull away enough to escape.

“The crocodile was not really trying hard enough, as it’d already eaten plenty of wildebeest and was full.

“My heart was in my mouth, it’s absolutely life or death for the wildebeest, and pretty dramatic to witness.

“I was totally hoping the wildebeest would escape as I’ve seen way too many eaten.

“Filming as steadily as I could in super slow-motion I knew this was going to be awesome footage as the scene unfolded in front of me, and I was pretty excited to play it back after to check it worked! It did!”