By Jack Mobley


This cat and puppy duo proved the two species don’t have to fight like the proverbial as they cuddle and groom each other.

When Lana Boocock brought home her new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Albi, she wasn’t sure how her Bengal cross Teddy would react.

The 24-year-old marketing manager needn’t have worried as the pair instantly became friends, playing and cuddling in their Cardiff home.

Teddy is so enamoured with his new puppy pal, he is constantly grooming Albi, carefully and thoroughly licking his fur.

Lana said: “Within a few minutes of first seeing each other they become inseparable.

“They do everything together and get so excited to see each other again if they happen to get separated for whatever reason.

“Teddy has always been the most loving, nurturing and laidback cat since we had him as a kitten.

“He loves to cuddle and loves any form of attention, which sadly he has never received from our other cat Sophie.

“As soon as Albi came home he instantly took to him and they have formed an incredible bond in such a short amount of time.”