By Nick Smith


An inquisitive fox had to be freed by vets after getting its head stuck in a car wheel.

The distressed cub was spotted by a passer-by spotted in a storage yard in Bristol, who called the fire brigade for assistance.

At first it was thought that the animal would need to be cut free by fire crews but fast-acting vets from Bristol Animal Rescue Centre soon arrived at the yard and got to work freeing the fox with a bottle of lubricant.

The two-person team made the journey back to their clinic on Albert Road in the city, with the canine still very much stuck.

Armed with nothing but a bottle of lubricant and a little bit of expertise, a safe but stern tug managed to free the fox.

A spokeswoman for the centre said: “This little guy was spotted in a safe storage yard and after some talk of having to get the fire brigade involved to cut the wheel off.

“Thankfully, all that was needed in the end was a lot of lubricant and a little bit of know-how from a couple of wily old vets and out he popped!”

After a quick check-up by vets, the animal was taken back to the yard where he was released back into the wild later that day.

Staff at the centre say that this is the second time this year that they have dealt with, and freed, a fox which had found itself stuck in a wheel.