Life Offbeat

By Taniya Dutta


A young Pakistani man who already stands at 7ft 8in tall claims to be still growing.

Muhammad Amin Tanoli, 23, stands head and shoulders above his neighbours in Pakistan’s Manshera.

The young lad cannot fit into normal clothes and shoes and faces troubles commuting in public transport such as buses, as his head touches the roof and the seats are too small for his elongated legs.

He needs six metres of cloth to get a tunic-shirt made and wears size 15 shoes, also customised.

But Amin doesn’t complaint.

He feels blessed to be “unique” and enjoys attention from the people who follow him for selfies.

Amin says: “I am very happy with my height. I face problems in travelling in public transport and I cannot wear branded clothes.

“But I feel great because God has made me unique.

“I feel proud of my height.”

Bizarrely, Amin was only 5ft until when he was 16 – but suddenly started growing taller and within four years, he was 6ft4in.

His parents, father Akhtar Nawaz and mother Naseem Akhtar are average in height and so are his four sisters and two brothers who are all between 5ft 3in to 5ft 7in feet tall.

Amin, however, has been growing taller. In the last few months, he has grown another three inches tall.

“I was 7ft 4in feet tall three months back but now I am 7ft 8in. I keep checking my height in three months and I have been growing taller and taller,” he said.

Because of his height, Amin has garnered a lot of attention in the city. He is so popular that people have started sending him marriage proposals for their daughters.

“People here treat me like a celebrity. They think I am special.

“I do not have a job yet but I am flooded with marriage proposals. Every week, there is a new family who approach my parents for marriage.

“I tell them I need to find a job first before settling down. I am hopeful that I will find my soulmate.”

The young man has studied health and physical education in college but is struggling to find a suitable job.

Amin says: “I think it is because of my height. People might think I cannot work because of my built. But I am capable of working.

“I feel I am God-gifted and he has plans for me. I am not disheartened.

“I know I am special and I will make record for being the tallest in the world. I will be famous one day.”