By Joe McFarlane


A pair of catnipped cats were invited to their own wacky warehouse as their owner attached toilet paper to her ceiling fan in a hilarious video.

A creative 10th grader decided to fill her cats with catnip and then let them loose.

In order to get 11-year olds Cash and Snuggles’ juices really going, Brenna Peters, 15, decided to tape toilet paper her ceiling fan and watch the fireworks fly in her home in Squamish, British Columbia.

With the toilet paper gliding through the air, and filled with catnip, energetic Cash comically jumped around for the dangling paper.

Brenna said: “I got the idea from everyone who posted themselves putting toilet paper on their ceiling fans. And I just added the cat element of it.

“I thought it was super funny that Cash was chasing it, but I wasn’t surprised because my Cats have always been on the hyper and active side.

“Cash chased the fan for about five minutes and then he stopped because I think he realised he wasn’t going to be able to catch it so he gave up.”