By Joe McFarlane

A tiny dachshund has become an internet celebrity by balancing whole arrays of objects on his head in a series of viral videos.

When Paul Lavery brought Harlso into his Belfast home, he had no idea of the hidden talent the dachshund had.

Now, five years later, Harlso has become an Internet celebrity and has even won a 2019 Webby Award due to his series of viral videos in which the talented bowtie wearing doggo balances everything from towers of biscuits and Jenga to tiny pairs of shoes and footballs.

Paul said: “Harlso joined our family when he was four-months-old.

“My fiancée Jen always wanted to own a Dachshund since she was a little girl.

“The breeder initially planned to keep Harlso but then decided to sell him.

“When Jen saw him, she said it was love at first sight!”

Despite Harlso’s amazing talents, Paul doesn’t claim any hidden knowledge of the perfect way to train dogs.

He said: “When Harlso was two years old we were playing one day and I tried to balance a toy on his head and he did it! It was a shock because it is pretty much the only trick he could do. I guess it was a hidden talent.

“Harlso can balance almost anything as long as it isn’t dangerous or too heavy.

“People sometimes ask me how to train a dog, but I really have no idea how Harlso does this.

“He balances 99% of things first time!”