By Randal Coombs

A rescue dog who was found without her front legs received a wheelchair made of LEGO so she could get around.

When ‘Amazing’ Gracie was just six-weeks-old, she was turned into a vets office in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, covered in maggots which had formed around her eyes and feet.

After being treated, the King Charles spaniel, chihuahua, poodle and bichon frise mix was taken in by Kayla Minter’s mum who runs Mostly Mutts animal rescue.

Because she misses her front legs, Gracie has to bounce around on her back legs which causes her nubs to get sore, meaning a wheelchair is needed.

Thankfully, as she is still a puppy and outgrows the chairs very quickly, a volunteer’s son called Dylan has built two of them from LEGO, allowing Gracie to run around like a normal puppy.

Thanks to Dylan’s chair, Gracie can run around in the family back garden and loves playing fetch with Kayla.

Kayla said: “Gracie has no idea she is different and will figure out how to do pretty much anything she wants.

“I have two other dogs and Gracie adores them.

“One of them is also missing a back leg and she loves to be outside and play with the other dogs.”