Amazing Nature

By Federico Cornetto


A team of divers filmed a rare glimpse of a huge transparent egg sac containing hundreds of thousands of baby squid.

The stunning underwater video was filmed by Ronald Raasch, 48, as he was diving with two other team-members from the research vessel REV Ocean in the cold waters outside Ørsta, Norway.

On October 5, the team of divers was swimming back to shore after visiting a WWII shipwreck about 200 metres from the coast, when they had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a mysterious object.

Floating 17 metres below the surface and 15 metres above the ocean floor, was a giant transparent orb which the divers quickly identified as a 10-armed squid’s egg sac.

According to Ronald, there have been only 80 registered observations of these egg sacs in the last 30 years, most of them occurring in Norway and in the Mediterranean see.

Ronald said: “As an active diver that collects observations of squids and octopuses, I had no doubt what it was that I was seeing.

“We have quite a lot of interesting stuff here in the Norwegian sea, such as cold-water corals, and fish that are usually found at 200 metres below the surface you can meet at 20 metres.

“The ball was one of the few stunning things I have seen here, we began to film immediately and high-fived as we reached the shore.”

Ronald says the ball, which felt like a jellyfish to the touch, had a diameter of one metre and contained approximately 200.000 small squids.

Ronald said: “I believe there are plenty of such balls out there, but divers usually swim close to the ground or the surface.

“These balls float in midwater where scuba-divers do not normally swim.”