Offbeat Video

These adrenaline-seekers climbed on top of a towering 260-foot wind turbine to jump off in heart-racing clip.

Freight driver, Michele Baldoni and his friend ventured up the high structure near Perugia, Italy in 2017 with the video only being released in October 2019.

The clip from Michele’s perspective shows the incredible surrounding vista and his friend edge toward the rotating turbine.

When one of the colossal blades passes, he steps out onto the propeller and walks to a good exit point before jumping toward the ground.

Michele said: “There are many risks involved with this but we made the necessary precautions to make sure that it was safe.

“We managed to get up there easily and nobody saw us.

“Walking along the blade was so exciting, it makes me want to do more different jumps.

“I love to do B.A.S.E. studying an object before each jump is like a project.”