By Joe McFarlane


A trio of Dogs eagerly wait for their early morning pancakes in order to start their day in an adorable video.

Whenever Patrik Bianchi, 20, makes morning pancakes in his parent’s home in Orlando, Florida, he is never alone.

While cooking in the kitchen, Patrik has three commis chefs by his side, eagerly watching and waiting for their breakfast.

While Buster, the 12-year-old Pointer Hound mix and Kami, the seven-year-old Purebread Golden Retriever wolf down their pupcakes, the far timider ten-year-old Bella, the Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix, nibbles at her breakfast treat in an adorable video.

Patrik said: “The Dogs usually always get little pancakes when I’m eating at home, it’s only fair.

“We call them pupcakes, and they love them. They’ll eat just about anything.”