By Jack Mobley


For Halloween, this mother knitted her sons full Alien and Skeletor costumes for the holiday with spookily good accuracy.

Mother and crochet artist, Stephanie Pokorny began a tradition of masterfully creating her children’s Halloween outfits and this year is no different.

Jacob, 7, and Jack, 4, can be seen sporting their spooky knitted garments taken by Stephanie at home in Mentor, Ohio.

Stephanie crocheted an incredibly detailed Alien outfit from the film of the same name including the smaller alien tongue in the mouth, in addition to the glow in dark wool which lacing the costume from head-to-toe.

He-Man’s nemesis, Skeletor was expertly portrayed in wool-form with incredibly intimate details including red lights for the eyes.

Each costume took between 35-50 hours over the course of a week for Stephanie to complete.

Stephanie said: “Each year as a tradition, my children decide what they would like to be for Halloween and I crochet it for them.

“I work from images of the character and freehand the costumes using yarn and hook.

“These are a labour of love for my children.

“I love being able to use a unique talent that I have to help my children have the costumes of their dreams.

“We live in Ohio so it is usually very cold so the cosy crochet is always so perfect for our climate.

“It is something unique that you don’t see really and so I am so happy to share what we create with others.”