By Joe McFarlane


An avid arachnid collector filmed her spiders pounce and consume their prey in a series of creepy videos.

Office manager Andrea van Veggel, 28, has collected around 150 species of creepy, crawly arachnids that she keeps in her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

With Andrea’s lifelong passion of collecting spiders beginning when she was just a little girl back in England, as along with her nanny, she would go around the garden and poke at webs with sticks then run away.

After moving to America at the age of five, Andrea caught her first Black Widow and from then on, she always fed and kept random spiders that she would find in her house.

Over the years Andrea has filmed her large collection of spiders stalking and consuming their unsuspecting prey of fruit flies, roaches, superworms and crickets in a series of high-raising and jumpy videos.

Andrea said: “I really enjoy how my hobby works to help preserve species that are going extinct in the wild and how new species are still being discovered every year.

“There is always something new to learn and so it never gets boring.”