By Federico Cornetto


A young science enthusiast has filmed a series of chemical reactions that look like magic tricks.

Guy Rabi, 18, just graduated from high school where he says his favourite subject was always chemistry.

Guy has since taken on social media, where he uploads videos of chemical reactions that look like magic tricks, with sudden explosions, liquids quickly changing colour and solids turning into liquid by the touch of a hand.

In his kitchen and garden in Miami, Florida, Guy experiments with all sorts of substances, from vinegar and pepper to phenolphthalein and sulfuric acid.

Some of Guy’s most impressive experiments feature ‘instant snow’, a white powder capable of absorbing liquids up to 1000 times its mass, and ‘hydrophobic sand’, a substance that never becomes wet despite being immersed in water.

Guy said: “After finishing high school, I wanted to continue working with chemicals out of class.

“I like to use social media to show everyone how cool chemistry can be.”