By Joe McFarlane


A litter of adorable fox cubs were rescued from underneath a house in a heart-warming video.

Having worked as a wildlife control professional for over 35 years, Brad Gates, 58, has rescued a variety of adorable critters.

In a video filmed in Markham, Ontario, Brad was called out to rescue and humanely remove a family of adorable fox cubs from underneath a residential deck.

The mother fox had chosen the deck as her den, where she gave birth to her litter.

Cracking open the deck, Brad discovered seven tiny pups that were approximately only four weeks old.

Carefully and humanely removing the babies from their den, Brad made sure they were reunited with their mother.

Brad said: “The far side of the deck was raised, allowing easy access.

“I was excited when we got the call because we don’t often get a lot of calls for foxes so this was a bit of a rarity for us.

“We were able to skilfully remove all seven baby foxes and their mother instinctively relocated them to their new den.

“I was extremely happy that we were able to rescue all the Fox pups and reunite them with their mother.”