By Federico Cornetto


A biochemist is gaining a following on social media by uploading videos of the incredibly weird fungi he finds in the wild.

Dr. Gordon A. Walker, from Napa, California, is a biochemist and mushroom enthusiast who likes to explore forests and woods, looking for the most fascinating and peculiar types of fungi.

In the videos he uploads to his social media accounts, Dr. Walker is seen popping spongy fungi which release colourful liquids, as well as cutting up strange mushrooms such as the beefsteak and chicken of the woods, and explaining how to cook them.

Dr. Walker said: “My fascination with fungi started when I found a massive puffball as a child.

“I was also inspired by seeing chicken of the woods and honey mushrooms growing in our yard as a kid.

“I love how mushroom motivate me to get outside and explore nature, even when the weather isn’t so nice.

“I really enjoy learning about the chemistry and ecology of fungi and sharing this knowledge with my followers.”