By Randal Coombs


An entirely new and brutal world is revealed under the microscope as this incident features a water flea with its babies being trapped and killed by a freshwater polyp, known terrifyingly as a hydra.

Lothar Lenz was able to capture the dramatic footage from a sample taken from the forest near his home in Eifel, Germany.

The clip shows the green hydra reaching out with its tentacles and taking hold of the water flea as it struggles to escape the tight grip.

The hydra dispenses a poison that gradually paralyses and weakens the flea until it dies.

On closer inspection, it’s also revealed that the water flea has babies wriggling inside of it but the hydra succeeds in devouring its prey.

Lothar said: “Wildlife has always been my passion and every day I am out in the wild with my cameras, to document the big and small wonders along the wayside.

“This video shows a very common and at the same time very spectacular event in a small freshwater pool at the edge of the forest.”

“If an animal touches a tentacle of the hydra, it remains there and is paralysed by the poison of the lumped nettle capsules, possibly also killed,” he continued.

“While this water flea is still fighting for his life, you can see the moving babies in his body.

“A really high-dramatic moment that takes place right here in front of our eyes.”