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By Joe McFarlane


A little girl comically confused a male Kangaroo’s genitals for a female’s while visiting an animal sanctuary with her family.

Biology may not be little Alexandra’s strong suit after the trip to the sanctuary left her a tiny bit baffled.

While visiting one of the family’s favourite locations, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia, three-year-old Alexandra was presented with the sight of a male Kangaroo rather unpleasantly scratching his genitals.

Upon seeing this bizarre sight, Alexandra hilariously exclaimed that the shameless animal was scratching his “Vagina”.

Alexandra’s mother, Danielle Harris, 40 said: “My friend and colleague was visiting from Canada and was excited to see her first kangaroo.

“We found one playing with his balls and she wanted to take a video as she was quite shocked at the sight when Alex chimed in with the best explanation she could give. She’s quite the problem solver.

“I was proud at Alex’s attempt, but evidently, there’s more for her to learn.”