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By Mikey Jones


A safari photographer was stunned when he thought he spotted the Loch Ness monster lurking in her holiday snaps.

The photo, which appears to show the famous Scottish legend, was caught on camera in Botswana, Africa – but on closer inspection, is actually a semi-submerged elephant.

The funny photos were taken by Dafna Ben Nun, 39, from Israel.

Dafna, a professional wildlife photographer, said: “I went over to Africa to photograph and learn about the wildlife there and I learned that this year is the driest year in the last 20 years so animals are in desperate need of water.

“While photographing on the Chobe river (its water level by this point is pretty low) I saw a group of elephants coming in to the river to cool down.

“They crossed the river while diving and splashing and most of the time just leaving their trunk above the water what resembled the Loch Ness monster to me.

“It was very amusing and made me laugh!”