Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An adorable Golden Retriever’s latest obsessions is the household’s shoe collection, which he holds ransom in exchange for some Doggy treats.

Don’t let Sterling the Golden Retriever’s placid, happy-go-lucky, adorable face fool you, as the pooch is actually a criminal mastermind.

By running around his home in Ontario, Canada and stealing the household’s shoes, the one-year-old trickster has learnt that he can hold the shoes ransom in exchange for some doggy treats.

Sterling’s owner Diane Newton said: “Sterling had never touched shoes until a few weeks ago when one day he ran past me with one of my shoes in his mouth. I chased him down and eventually a treat got him to drop the shoe.

“From that day on it had became his new passion.

“When you least expect it he’ll come prancing by with a shoe in his mouth in the hope you’ll chase him, and even though we know we shouldn’t chase him, it’s just the cutest game.

“He doesn’t damage the shoes and always drops them in exchange for some kind of treat.”