Amazing Nature

By Joe McFarlane


An adventurous and experienced climber likes to test himself by scaling unusual, dangerous and beautiful frozen waterfalls that look like picturesque scenes from Disney’s Frozen.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle has got nothing on experienced ice climber Gytis Burauskas.

Travelling from his hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania, to the beautiful snow-capped surroundings of Rjukan, Norway, Gytis made the journey in order to partake in his favourite past-time, climbing beautiful, but dangerous, frozen waterfalls.

Looking like creations from Disney’s Frozen, the picturesque frozen waterfalls can be extremely dangerous if not treated with caution and respect.

Gytis said: “Ice climbing is a dangerous activity and there’s always risk involved.

“It can be falling ice, your own mistake, other climbers, or unpredictable weather. However, we are cautious and take safety measures.

There are various degrees of difficulty, some waterfalls can be easily climbed even for a novice climber given proper training, others are extremely dangerous and difficult.

“Ice climbing is highly dependent on weather conditions and the nature of ice. On a cold day, even an easy grade can require a lot of effort to climb the hard ice.

“I enjoy nature and unusual, extreme activities. They make me feel alive and also allows me to explore wonders of nature and places that are not so easy to access.”