Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A talented artist used make-up instead of witchcraft and wizardry to transform herself into Dobby the house elf.

Sarah Lamarlere Murphy is so talented you may confuse her transformative make-up skills for the dark arts.

Applying make-up to her face and body, the French artist managed to completely transform herself into the beloved Harry Potter character.



The multi-skilled creator spent over six hours completing the iconic look using everything from make-up and body paint to moisturizers and setting sprays, but most of all, patience.

But the long transformative process is all part of the creative enjoyment for Sarah.

Sarah said: “I love the transformation process, it’s my favourite part to see my face or my body turn into something I don’t recognise and that looks totally different.

“I love painting and I love arts because they help me relax and give me a lot of joy. And sharing all this with the world is one of my biggest dreams.

“I usually get inspired by something and start drawing a quick sketch on my notebook. I do a lot of research because I love being accurate and using a lot of symbolism in my creations.

“I feel both exhausted and usually satisfied when I finish a look. Although I am a perfectionist and always want to do better each time.

“I usually feel proud and relieved that the job is done, but already thinking about the next piece!

“You can be anything! As long as you set your mind to it!”