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Forget Led Zeppelin, this robotic band is more Leads Zeppelin after a genius musician built automated band members to tour with after getting fed up of playing with humans.

Despite having no background in engineering or programming, singer Jay Vance, 49, was able to single-handedly assemble drummer DRMBOT 0110 and bass and guitar player GTRBOT666 out of surplus and garbage parts.

The unusual trio are a grindcore band named Captured! by Robots, and they are currently touring across the United States and Canada, playing extremely heavy metal music for crowds in bar and pub venues.


According to Jay, who is from San Francisco, California, the idea of replacing human band members with robots came to him when he realised he could no longer deal with the hassle of band dynamics.

Jay said: “If you’ve ever played in a band, you would know that people suck.

“Egos are massive, people are emotional and difficult.

“Why deal with that if there is a better way?

“I don’t play with other human musicians anymore and I don’t want to.”

Jay’s stage name is JBOT, and the backstory is that he created the robots in an attempt to form his own band, but he was subsequently imprisoned by them and forced to tour with them.

DRMBOT and GTRBOT treat JBOT like a slave and slur insults at him while on stage to show to everybody how inferior the human race is.

The band’s social media bio reads: “Most brutal robot band ever.

“DRMBOT 0110 is faster than your garbage human drummer, GTRBOT666 shreds your f*****g face off, and JBOT is annoying as f**k.”

Despite the robots all being run by computer-controlled pneumatics, the band has a loyal band of followers.

Jay said: “Air pressure does all the movements.

“I keep modifying the robots. When something isn’t right, I change it to make it better, it has happened hundreds of times.

“I have another robot band of teddy bears, that will be touring next spring.

“Six teddy bear robots and me conducting, it is called Teddy Bear Orchestra.”