Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A trio of daredevils hitched a ride on a freight train while they swung off the cars at high speeds.

The videographer, known as only as sheiy, and his group hopped onto the haulage train travelling through Latvia, hitching a free ride to the next city and have some fun on the way.

Five kilometres into the journey sheiy and friends decide to past the time by hanging off the side of the cars whilst travelling at dangerous speeds.

Other freighters blast past as the calm surfers tightrope walk on the cars, risking falling off at any point.

sheiy said: “We spontaneously decided to go to another city to do, but didn’t have money so just decided to hop on a freight.

“I don’t get adrenaline, I’m calm and have fun.

“Do not recreate these activities – it’s not for you if you think it’s cool.”