Life Offbeat

By William Lailey


A guest resort has opened its doors allowing avid hobbit fans to spend a night under the stars of “Middle Earth”

The resort, which includes a custom lodge designed to mirror the famous home of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins is nestled under the earth was built by Steve Michaels, 71, in Montana, US.

The magical resort features a wishing well, troll mine, troll house, mini elven village, roadside fairy house and everything else needed to indulge in all things Hobbiton.





There is no mobile phone service and is secluded two miles away from the general public to entirely distance it’s guests into a dream-like world brought to life in the record breaking blockbuster movie trilogy.

Resort owner, Steve Michaels said: “It started off as a guest house for friends and family but when the carpenter’s son said it looked like a Hobbit House, a bell went off in my head and the goal from then on was to hobbitize it.

“I have always had a great imagination so the hobbit theme was very natural to go wild with, most of the “Shire” is handmade such as the little fences going up to the houses.

“We have had people visit from all over the world and even some who have travelled to Hobbiton in New Zealand that said our little 20-acre Shire has the ability to not only see all the craftsmanship, magic and wonder but also stay there overnight.

The resorts creation started in 2008 and costs a jaw-dropping £400,000 to construct, costing £280 a night.



Stephen said: “I went even further and built Elven village – a small village for the wee ones.

“We have a bridge over the river Shire that makes spooky sounds when you cross and have eight major hobbit houses with over 100 small doors attached to trees with outdoor surroundings.

I even have it all lit up at night with rock lights, lasers, and over 600 dragon flies

The enchanted lodging has had five-star feedback and has promoted Stephen to start planning his next resort on a totally different magical world.





Stephen said: “My next plan is to build Hogwarts castle on our island that is in the middle of two-acre pond filled with fish.

Our guests come down and can paddle around the pond and feed the fish and soon will be able to go on the island to get a close up of Hogwarts.