Life Offbeat

By Hannah Phillips

This cheeky mum pranked her friends online with an unbelievably realistic box of McDonalds chicken nuggets made entirely from CAKE – despite being more of a burger girl.

Mardie Jennings, 39, uploaded snaps of her incredible fast food with a twist to social media after spending six hours perfecting the sugar-coated masterpiece.

The former childcare worker painstakingly built the creation’s box out of chocolate cake filled with Swiss meringue butter, covered with a coating of chocolate ganache and finished with homemade marshmallow fondant before moulding the nuggets from rice crispy treats, covering them in modelling chocolate and airbrushing them with edible paint to finish.

But the mum-of-two, from Cairns, Queensland, Australia, has admitted she’s more of a burger girl – and has now set her sights on recreating a Big Mac instead.

Fine art graduate Mardie, a full-time mum to daughters Ava, 11, and Elizabeth, three, said: “I’m more of a burger girl.

“I would love to attempt a realistic McDonald’s burger and fries cake, my favourite is the classic quarter-pounder.

“I was asked to make this McDonalds nuggets cake for the 22nd birthday of a ‘nug queen’ as known by her friends so I googled images of McDonalds nugget boxes and set about my plan to make it.

“My favourite cakes to make are the ones that don’t look like cakes. I love the challenges they present and love to hear the words ‘is that really a cake?’

“They look so real that people don’t want to even cut them.”

Mardie based the shape of each one on a real McDonalds nugget and even designed and printed her own edible McDonald’s labels, presenting the box on a trademark fast food tray.

She makes everything from scratch, even the fondant icing, and the longest she has spent on one of her creations is three, eight-hour days.

But the mum admitted her daughters take advantage of her skills and she’s forced to go ‘all out’ for their birthdays.


Mardie added: “It takes a lot of time to put these cakes together but I do get a lot of enjoyment out of it, apart from when I have to make a frozen cake 9,000 times – which can get a bit boring.

“I have always been arty, and some people ask me to come up with an idea, they’re my favourite type of people.”