Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This cat was finally in the bag after spending six long days trapped inside the branches of a rotten tree, 20 feet in the air.

Part-time cat rescue enthusiast Bob Reese found himself aloft a flimsy rotten tree in a garden in in Kosciusko, Mississippi, USA, in search of the elusive moggy.

Meowing restlessly inside, Bob, a computer engineering lecturer at Mississippi State University, tried to tempt the whiskered adventurer out by shaking a bag of treats and making kissing noises at a break in the branch.


After several moments of temptation to little avail, suddenly the curious cat’s head emerges between the wood, meowing gleefully at Bob’s presence.

Quickly realising this stubborn kitty won’t come out by its own accord, Bob reaches in and pulls the cat out carefully by the scruff of its neck, safely placing it in his bag.

Bob said: “The tree the cat was in was completely dead and hollow, so to avoid falling to the ground, I had to climb a live tree next to it and swing across.

“I was ecstatic that I was able to lure the kitty out of the hollow.

“I had some heavy gloves and was prepared to reach in, but was uncertain as to how the cat would react.

“I rescue cats from trees for free as a hobby, around four a month, but I’ve never come up against anything like this before.

“Luckily I got the cat down safely and back into the arms of its owners.

“I’ve rescued 91 cats since 2013, but this is by far the most unusual.”