By Joe McFarlane


A keen nature observer captured the adorable moment a mother bear sprang into action to rescue her cub haplessly hanging from a tree.

When Deby Dixon went down to the woods of Yellowstone, Calcite Springs, she certainly got a big surprise, as though there wasn’t a tasty picnic waiting for her, there was an adorable bear cub dangling from a tree.

Deby watched as three cute black bear cubs played in a tree, while their mother enjoyed a well-earned rest below.

Unfortunately for the mother, her relaxation was cut short as one of her cubs struggled to get down from the tree, resulting in the poor critter dangling helplessly from a tree branch.

The mother bear’s instincts stepped in as she helped her clumsy cub to the safety of the forest floor below.

Deby said: ‘This was the cutest thing I’d ever seen!”