world's biggest jigsaw

By Janet Tappin Coelho

A puzzle fan has been left racking her brain after completing the world’s biggest jigsaw with 40,320 pieces.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters News

Edneia Silveira, 33, spent 137 days assembling the game on her own only to discover one bit was missing.

The giant jigsaw – Memorable Disney Moments, shows classic scenes from favourite animated films including Dumbo, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, and is divided into 10 joined-up sections.

The missing piece is right in the centre of the 6.8 by 1.92 metre puzzle which covers 13 square metres.

“You don’t notice the gap when you’re looking at the puzzle as a whole,” explained Edneia, who lives in Macapa, north Brazil.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters News 

“But I can see it and it sticks out like a sore thumb for me because I spent so much time building it and it’s frustrating to find I can’t finish it because it’s one piece short.

“It’s been torture trying to remember if I mislaid the bit somewhere and I’ve searched high and low to see if I can find it.

“But I believe the fault lies in the packaging as I was really careful about looking after every piece and I jealously guarded them from my friends.”

The dismayed player has given up any hope of getting a replacement as the German-made Ravensburger puzzle is not sold in Brazil.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters New

According to experts a substitute piece would not work anyway, as each jigsaw is uniquely cut.

Edneia’s disappointment is short-lived however, as she is celebrating smashing her own record, set in 2015 for singlehandedly completing a 33,600-piece puzzle in 236 days.

Her latest feat is recognised by RankBrasil, an independent company (not affliated to Guinness World Records) based in Curitiba, south Brazil, which registers record breaking achievements in the country.

The new national record-holder spent around three hours a day assembling the giant Disney puzzle into small sections to begin with.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters News 

She said: “Unfortunately there is not enough space in my house to lay it out, so I pasted the pieces together into small parts first and this made it quick and easy to fix until I found a place to frame and put the whole game together.”

The jigsaw, which was started on 2 November 2016, was finally laid out in the courtyard of Edneia’s house on 19 March this year.

She said if she was timing it, the Peter Pan section took the longest on the clock with the design being the hardest to complete as more than half of the picture was in the same shape and a similar blue colour.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters News 

The local government worker hinted at some of techniques that helped to build the largest jigsaw puzzle.

“I go for colour separation, format separation, and look at the sequence of the other parts already mounted. Because in giant games the sequence and pattern is repeated several times,” Edneia revealed.

The singleton took up the hobby several years ago as a way of passing the time after moving north for her job and missing her family who live thousands of miles away in the south of Brazil.

Pic from Edneia Silveira/Caters News

She said: “There was a time when I thought about giving up but after setting the record two years ago I was determined to challenge myself and become the first Brazilian to mount the biggest puzzle in the world in the fastest time.

“And with a lot of concentration and patience it’s gratifying to achieve my goal.”