Amazing Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


A talented artist has created mind-boggling optical illusions by applying make-up to his face and palms.

Luca Luce, 41, from Milan, is an experienced make-up artist and sketcher who has worked for many major Italian TV shows.

Luca claims he has also invented what he dubs ‘3D hand and head painting’ – a form of body painting where make-up is applied to the face, head and palms to create Picasso-like optical illusions. Luca seemingly pierces his nose with a pencil, blinking with a third eye or colouring a deep crack in his skull with red paint.

Luca said: “I started doing this years ago, and after some research on the Internet I found out no one else was doing it at the time.

“I get inspired by fantasy and horror films, but also by everyday objects and shapes that get stuck in my mind.

“I like to be original, so I always try to do things that have not been done before.”