By Hollie Bone


An ex-RAF engineer was turned from sceptic to believer after a fortune teller correctly predicted his ENTIRE FUTURE – including meeting his wife of 56 years within months of the prophecy.

David Williams, 81, from Powys, North Wales, had just left his job as aircraft technician with the forces in May 1962 when he met a fortune teller in Rhyl, who said he would be married before he turned 25.

But only two months shy of turning 24 and with no women on the scene, the young engineer dismissed the prediction – which also included claims that he would have lots of dogs, and would live overseas – as nonsense, before moving to Brighouse, West Yorks, to be with his brother.

Incredibly, only a few months later, David met the love of his life, Sylvia, then 21, from Halifax, by chance in a pub and the pair shared a whirlwind romance, getting engaged and marrying the day before his 25th birthday – before later moving to Adelaide, Australia, together and owning eight dogs.

David said: “When I look back at my life there are so many things she said that came to be true, it’s quite incredible.

“I went to the fortune teller because I was on holiday in Rhyl after leaving the forces and I had decided I was going to move up to Yorkshire to be with my brother.

“There’s not a lot to do when you’re on holiday on your own and I saw this fortune telling house so I thought I’d go in for a laugh.

“I didn’t tell her anything at all, and I wasn’t in my RAF uniform, she just held my hand and without prompting or character searching, she told me many things about my life and my family that were right, and told me she could see me in uniform.

“She told me that I would be going a long way overseas and that I would be surrounded by dogs, which made me sceptical as I was never a big dog person and I had already done a lot of travelling with the RAF.

“But when she told me I would be married before I turned 25 that’s when the bottom fell out and I knew it was all nonsense – I was almost 24 and I didn’t even know any girls let alone have a girlfriend, so to say I was going to be married by 25 seemed ridiculous.

“It was only later when we were married and I told Sylvia of the fortune teller that we realised that the fortune teller was right, to meet a girl and marry her in just about eight months, all before I was 25, was incredible.

“Despite my initial cynicism I’m now a big believer in fortune tellers and Sylvia agrees it is quite spooky how much the woman got right!”

Initially dismissing the experience with a pinch of salt, David moved to Brighouse as planned to be with his brother, and got a job as motor mechanic.

But on a fateful night out with work colleagues, the young car worker met Sylvia, now 78, who he married just eight months later in July 1963.

Three years later, the couple welcomed the first of their two children, Janet, 53, and later Sheryl, 51, before fulfilling another piece of the prophecy when they moved their lives to Adelaide in 1969 to escape the miserable English weather.

Now the couple have three grandchildren and are both retired from their careers as a mechanic and a school secretary.


The retired dad-of-two said: “I was sat down when Sylvia came over and started chatting to me. She was a beautiful redhead and we agreed to meet up in Brighouse.

“I’ll never forget when she walked up the street to meet me, I was in love straight away.

“Soon we were engaged to be married and decided that we would get married the day before my birthday.

“We’ve been married 56 years now, but not only that, six years after we married we moved to Australia and since moving here we’ve had eight dogs, all of which I have shared a really strong bond with.”