By David Aspinall 

This excited toddler delivers what might possibly be the most adorable pregnancy announcement ever as he explains he will be a big brother.

Sat in a mini rocking chair, cute Wiley Nyback is visibly excited as he lists some of the things he likes most including baseball, turtles and Dory.

The enthusiastic two-year-old reveals he has a big secret before saying mummy Meghan ‘has a baby in her belly’ and lifting his t-shirt to show off his own stomach.

Wiley then lets everybody know that the baby is due in October having given Meghan a huge hug and kiss on the belly.

Meghan, from Van Nuys, California, USA, said: “Riley could not be more excited.

“He tells everyone he sees that ‘Mommy has a baby in her belly’ and he really does kiss the belly every time he sees me.

“Riley is a lot cuter than me and my husband, so we thought he would be the perfect person to announce our pregnancy.”

Meghan and her husband Josh – who have been married since 2013 – gave Wiley a loose script to work from but he unsurprisingly adlibbed.

Meghan said: “We’d included the parts about being a big brother and the due date but Riley had much more to say.

“He started off his likes but I have no idea where his love of butter came from.

“The video has had an overwhelming reaction from our friends and family, they have been so supportive about Wiley in front of the camera.”

The baby is due in October and as of yet the expectant couple have not found out whether they are having a boy or a girl.

Meghan said: “My sister and I are actually the exact same weeks pregnant.

“We’re planning a gender reveal to the family together in May.

“We both have only boys, so if there are more boys, the more the merrier.

“However, if either of us has a girl, the family will probably have a dance party celebration.”