By Joe McFarlane


A podiatrist filmed a unique procedure in which he helped a patient who had a horrific gaping hole in the sole of their foot.

Being a podiatrist is more than just clipping toenails, as Dr. Todd Brennan, 35, demonstrated in a recent procedure.

Filmed at the Healthy Feet Podiatry clinic in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Dr. Brennan completed a quick treatment for a patient who had a gaping hole in the sole of her left foot.

The gaping sore had been caused by onychomycosis, diabetes, diabetic ulceration and charcot arthropathy and can be common in diabetics with a poor immune system, resulting in a breakdown of the skin.

Though the procedure was relatively routine and simple for Dr. Brennan to complete, the footage is no less horrific or gruesome, as the Doctor scraped at the foot to clear away some of the dead skin as blood oozed out of the hole.

Co-owner of Healthy Feet Podiatry, Leo Krawetz said: “The procedure was painless because the patient had neuropathy.

“Dr. Brennan was content knowing he was helping a patient get better and that they were better than before he started.”