By Joe McFarlane


While exploring an abandoned greenhouse, a father and son demolition duo stumbled across a soda vending machine, containing hundreds of dollars.

Rick Langos, 50, owns a demolition company in Port Barrington, Illinois, with one of the major benefits being that, once a building has been signed over, you can salvage whatever is inside the property.

Taking his curious son Darick, 20, along to some of the properties, the pair explore every crook and cranny of the buildings, hoping to find treasure.

While in the process of exploring an abandoned greenhouse in Palatine, Illinois, the pair came across an inconspicuous soda vending machine.

Using a drill and a dent puller in order to crack into the dusty machine, the pair hit the jackpot, as three minutes work revealed $200 for the taking.

After eventually selling the machine for an additional $600, the pair were happy with the fruits from their hard day’s work.

Darick said: “I couldn’t believe it. That was the first vending machine we broke into and I was not expecting to find anything.

“It was more about the experience with my dad than the money.”