By David Aspinall

This is the emotionally-charged moment a girl asks her stepdad to adopt her during a school talent show with an original song.

Having covered Emeli Sande’s ‘Read All About It’, brave Hailey Quinones tells the large crowd at a talent show in Stockton, California, USA, on March 29 that she has a special guest watching.

After saying she is asking Juan Gamez to adopt her, the 12-year-old conquers her composure to burst into a beautiful original song saying how much he makes her smile.

Once finishing the lyrics, Hailey runs off the stage to rapturous applause and straight into a bearhug with Juan and handing him the papers while mum Alishea Conroy cheers along.

Juan said: “I was speechless.

“I never would’ve thought Hailey would do something like that.

“I’m just in disbelief but there was no doubt in my mind I would adopt her.”

Alishea and Juan have been together for 10 years and as such he has been in Hailey’s life since she was two-years-old.

Alishea said: “They have a bond that is hard to explain but it’s unbreakable.

“The pair have this funny, crazy, and non-understanding except for them relationship.

“Juan means the world to our family and even those outside.

“He is the best father a girl could have.”

Alishea wasn’t surprised when Hailey said she wanted Juan to adopt her, but was startled by the tone and excitement she mentioned it.

Alishea said: “Hailey screamed to Juan who was in the other room at the time saying, ‘will you adopt me’?

“I laughed at her because Hailey isn’t the best with sharing her emotions.

“I told her that’s not the best way to ask something that personal so we sat there and watched videos about adoption for a while.”

Hailey loves music – having started singing at two-years-old – and as such wanted to incorporate that into her proposal to Juan.

Alishea said: “Music is Hailey’s life.

“It became something very personal for her so she began to write the song she sang at the talent show, which she called ‘My Juany’.

“There were never ending papers of her writing and balling it up and starting over until she got it to her liking.

“For Hailey to write and share something so personal it was something we would never have thought she would do.

“It just showed how important this song was for her to sing to Juan.

“There is no way for me to say how proud I was of her.”