Animals Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


If only humans could share the same enthusiasm when it comes to mundane daily tasks – this happy Golden Retriever duo wear all the gear with no idea of how loved they are by Instagram users.

The two adorable Golden Retrievers Hugo, five, and Huxley, eight months, spruce up in their shirt and ties ready for a day in an office and wine down in their turtle necks after a hard day posing as a human.

Ursula Aitchison, 31, from Stourbridge, West Mids, started posting photos of her pooches last December [2018] to add ‘something different’ to her social media account.

The creative mum-of-one calls herself a ‘pho-dog-grapher’ as she passionately takes photographs of dogs for a living.

She said: “It is nice to offer something different to social media and to always put a smile on peoples face.

“I add a little fun to the most mundane tasks by snapping my dogs doing them, they are never stressed and don’t mind dressing up for a few photos.

“It is always going to be comical seeing a dog in a human situation.

“In September there was a stream of photographs of kids going back to school and it is pretty boring to see, so I decided to freshen up people’s news feed by lending my son Maxx’s, nine, uniform to Huxley and Hugo.

“They didn’t look too excited for their first day back which made it even funnier.

“My partner Alexander, 45, begrudgingly gives his shirts for the dogs but I often sneak them.

“When people see Hugo and Huxley they automatically smile, especially when I take them to restaurants or an office to pose for pictures.

“Some people try not to look and continue eating whilst others are amazed by how well behaved they are and start taking pictures of them own.”

Ursula created an Instagram especially for the doggos called ‘hugoandursula’ that boosts 82k followers.

She adds: “I originally created the account to promote my photography as I take photos of people and their dogs for a living.

“But my followers started to enjoy seeing what Hugo was up to and it all started from there.

“As my followers grew so did my ideas and I tend to upload ten to 12 photos per week to my account.

“People message me to say they love seeing photos of Hugo and Huxley first thing in the morning as their mood is immediately better.

“It is great to read comments stating my dogs have cheered up many people who are going through a rough time in their life.

“A few followers have even said the only reason they have Instagram is to see the boys!

“I get to experience the joys of Hugo and Huxley every day and it is amazing that other people can too.

“We have even been stopped in the street dozens of times by people who follow my account, it is like they are celebrities of the dog world.”