By Federico Cornetto


A kitten with a mysterious condition which means her back legs are deformed is living her best life thanks to her owner’s love.

Noodles, two, suffers from an unknown condition which means her back legs are folded up, but the kitten is now able to move independently and even jump around her house in Pickens, South Carolina.

According to owner Sarah Phillips, 21, Noodles’ achievements have not come easy but are the result of months and months of hard work.

Sarah said: “We got Noodles when she was two days old after she was rejected by her mother, a stray cat who gave birth to her outside of a friend’s house.

“Bottle babies are very stressful to care for, especially in her situation because no one expected her to live past a week old.

“As for her condition, we have no clue, her vet says he’s never seen a cat with her deformity.

“He says he’s seen the deformity in the front legs of cats before, but never in the back ones.”

Sarah said Noodles is now completely capable of moving around by herself, and only when leaving the house does she need the help of a stroller, so as to not hurt herself on rough terrains.

Sarah said: “Noodles really didn’t know what to make of her legs in the beginning, she always acted confused when it came to walking.

“When she was a baby and started trying to walk, I had to hold my fingers under her tummy and help her move her back legs one by one until she understood how to use them.

“After she really took off with walking, her little ‘knees’ as we call them started getting sores, so I applied medicine to them daily and kept her legs in clean wraps until they healed.

“As she’s gotten older, her knees have callused and become stronger so her skin rarely even becomes irritated anymore.

“We were set on getting her a wheelchair in the beginning, but she progressed well beyond our expectations.

“She became very independent and doesn’t even want my help anymore when it comes to walking, running or jumping.”