By Mollie Mansfield


A cat with an unusual infection which makes him look like he’s had botched lip fillers is looking for a forever home after being abandoned by owner.

Samuel, who is predicted to be 8 to 10-years-old, was rescued at the end of August this year in Clifton, New Jersey, after a member of the public found him roaming the streets alone.

After several vet visits, Samuel was diagnosed with ‘rodent’s ulcer’ – an allergic reaction – which caused his top lip to appear ‘puffy’.

However, despite his large top lip, Samuel is in good health and is currently situated at Clifton Animal Shelter waiting to find a forever home.

Liz Taranda, VP of Friends of the Shelter, said: “Samuel is a lovely, sweet, senior cat.”

“Typically a steroid injection is used to clear it up but due to the fact that this poor guy has a heart murmur, a different medicine is being used which takes quite a bit longer to heal.

“Since we do not know how long he has been fending for himself or had this condition, it is hard to know if he will fully recover or will have “puffy” lips forever.

“But he eats like a champ and drinks so there are no concerns with that.

“He is calm, quiet and docile and as soon as he sees someone he just gives you this adorable look so you can open up his cage and give him attention.

“He just wants to be held, pet and loved – he is a purring machine!

“We do have him at our shelter now where he is up for adoption.

“Everyone looks to adopt a cute kitten or perfect little cat but we think he deserves a home and chance with someone who is willing to open up their hearts and home to him.”


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