Amazing Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


An adventurer travelled claims to have found The Fountain of Youth after cliff diving into a beautiful blue natural pool.

There is a beautiful and legendary pool hidden in the wilderness of Oregon that is almost impossibly blue.

The gorgeous glassy surface of the Tamolitch blue pool of Oregon’s McKenzie river hides a brisk temperature of 3degrees Celsius underneath, with adventurer Jesse St. Louis, 41, exclaiming the surreal experience of swimming in the gorgeously chilly waters was like finding the fountain of youth.

Taking a 55-foot jump into the beautiful blue below, Jesse was blown away by the beauty of the photogenic pool, as well as its freezing temperature.

Jesse said: “Some brave souls will swim in the water for a brief second and then quickly get out.

“Very few will brave the water long enough to swim across and depth check adequately for the big cliff jump and then climb back up and jump into something that felt like a giant block of ice.”