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By Aliki Kraterou


A terrified barmaid has called in a team of paranormal investigators after staff at a pub have been taunted by a ghostly punter – who pulls their hair and throws glasses across the bar.

Staff at the Micker Brook, in Cheadle, Stockport, reported windows flying open, menus being flung from tables and even caught a gin glass shooting across the bar on CCTV – even though nobody was anywhere near it.

Female members of staff even say the creepy ghost – who they have named Harry – pulls their hair – and they see an increase in spooky goings on when the ghost’s ‘favourite’ members of staff are working.

Punters at the pub have reported seeing a shadowy figure wearing a black hat standing in hallways before suddenly disappearing, and they even think the ghost has been playing the fruit machines.

And a team of professional paranormal investigators the pub have called in agree that there definitely appears to be ghostly activity at the pub, and fear it could be cause by former landlords using the pub’s function room for psychic nights, which they say can increase paranormal activity.

Kelly Royle, the pub’s supervisor, said: “There have always been weird little things going on at this pub, like thinking you’ve seen someone in the corner of your eye, and then it has gone, but recently it’s got a lot weirder.

“I was talking to someone when I felt my hair tugged, as if someone passed and pulled my hair so I turned around thinking it was one of the lads in the kitchen doing silly things and there was nobody there.

“The member of staff I was talking to asked me ‘did someone just pull your hair?’ – she actually saw my hair move.

“It’s happened to a few of the other girls too.

“One day a customer came in and asked me who the man was in the black hat standing at the double doors – but there was no-one there.

“I raced to tell my friend, but as I started speaking to her a menu just flew off a table at me. There was no draught, no air conditioning – it was just terrifying.

“One time I was closing up and I just heard this racket coming from the fruit machine. It was as though somebody was banging on it really heavily, it was flashing and ringing but nobody was there.

“Every time I would close off the pub, I was making sure everything was locked. I would leave in a taxi and see a window open.

“No one had been at the restaurant so there was no reason to be happening.

“One night I got a member of staff to come with me to make sure every window was closed.

“As we drove off, three windows were open again. “

It was then when Kelly decided to turn to Paranormal Investigations UK, to try and find out more about ‘Harry’.

But Tony Hayes, who leads the paranormal investigators team, reckons he can eradicate the presence.

He said: “Although the pub building itself is quite new, they have held quite a lot of psychic reading nights which is a recipe for stirring up trouble.

“It doesn’t seem to be a malicious spirit, more mischievous, but because the girls have personalised the spirit and given him a name, that’s why he’s attracted to them.”