Life Offbeat

By Federico Cornetto


A toddler walked around in an adorable Oogie Boogie costume that his mum made for him in preparation for Halloween.

Benjamin Weeks, two, could not contain his excitement as he tried on the costume mum Madelena Weeks, 22, created using fabric glue, burlap and yarn.

On September 13, Madelena filmed Benjamin as he laughed and walked around the family house in Fort Hood, Texas, dressed as a miniature version of the chubby villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Madelena said: “I decided on Oogie Boogie because I love Tim Burton and his movie.

“Benjamin also watched the movie a few days before I made him the costume, and he loved it too.

“I couldn’t find any costumes online that I liked enough so I made one myself, although I had never done something like this before.

“It took me a week to complete, because I had to stop a lot to chase around my son.”

The video showing Oogie Boogie-Benjamin was posted by Madelena on social media, where it quickly went viral by reaching over one million views.

Madelena said: “I posted it on Reddit first, then it was shared on Instagram and finally on Facebook, where it became really popular.

“Honestly, all the attention gave me a big confidence boost, I like to think I’m a creative person but I usually hate my own work.

“To see others love my son and his costume is amazing.”