Offbeat Video Viral

By David Aspinall


A brave three-year-old proved he was no arachnophobe as he happily let a spider crawl all over him.

As Wade Astbury was getting ready for bed on September 16, a pretty large domestic house spider appeared in the bathroom at home in Rotherham, South Yorks.

With dad Dave watching on, his bold toddler seemed fascinated as the eight-legged arachnid clambered all over his body, in footage that has been seen more than 1.4million times.

Dave said: “Wade actually played with the spider for about five minutes.

“I noticed it and shouted him to come look at it.

“He wanted to pick it up but I just put him in the bath instead.

“Wade absolutely loved being with the spider.”

Wade might be a budding bug lover, however mum April, doesn’t share that love.

Dave said: “When she came to see what Wade was doing, she absolutely freaked out and ran back into the bedroom.

“Wade was shouting her to show her how friendly the spider was and not to be scared, so she shouted how much of a big and brave boy he was even though she couldn’t bring herself to watch him again.”