Life Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


A creative mum has dedicated three months of her time to transform her bath into a roman inspired mosaic bathtub.

Rebecca Andrews, 39, who is a graphic designer, spent every evening after work and weekends to create the bath of her dreams.

She used tiles and a mixture of natural stone pebbles, glass pebbles and brightly coloured stones intended for use in aquariums.




The mum-of-two spent £390 [$710] on the materials and feels ‘lucky’ that she managed to save on labour costs having done it all single handedly.

Rebecca from Gold Coast, Aus, said: “I will pretty much undertake anything to make my creative visions come to life.

“The standing joke in my household is that if you sit still long enough, you will get painted.

“This is my first ever mosaic project, some people think I am crazy that I undertook something so large, but it is typical of me to simply jump straight in and learn along the way.

“I’ve always been drawn to the romantic notion of the ancient Roman baths and the relaxing rituals associated.

“I also admire the beautifully intricate Moroccan mosaics and the sense of timeless style and sophistication they exude.

“Admittedly, I clearly put my unique spin on it with a more organic and flowing style emerging.

“The hours, days and months all blended together when I was renovating the bathroom which took nine months to complete.

“I’d hate to think of the total hours spent, but I could work it out based on an area no bigger than 30cm wide in diameter could take up to 1 hour to complete.

“With three sides and a very large base, it would have been beneficial to not have such a big spa-bath.

“I’d enter a trance and would lose all track of time until my youngest Oscar, three, would pop his head into the bathroom and tell me he is hungry ask me to make him a sandwich.

“He was my little ‘helper’ and often come in and ‘help’ me by throwing rocks and pebbles up into the air and watch them fall down like confetti or he would sprinkle them around like they were 100’s and 1000’s.

“Or worse, he’d climb out of the bath and accidentally step right in the middle of the new section I had just created so I would have to start all over again.”

Rebecca started the mosaic on May 26 2019 and finished September 16 – she spent many nights mosaicking until the early hours of the morning as she couldn’t sleep.


She adds: “I tried washing off existing garden pebbles from the garden, but it wasn’t quite the result I was aiming for they were very murky in colour and the shapes and sizes of the pebbles far too irregular to be comfortable to sit or stand on.

“I stumbled across the colourful pebbles in a pet store when I was admiring the fish with Oscar Martin and his brother Jack McLuckie, 13, and purchased natural pebbled from Bunnings hardware store.

“It was a long few months and I realised I am either doggedly determined to achieve everything I set out to and wish to be the Queen of multi-tasking, or I simply just have rocks in my head.

“The bath is very comfortable and sitting on the pebbles feels very therapeutic and grounding, it is very much like a stone massage.

“I was shocked to hear Jack and my partner Peter Martin, 40, a Professional Golfer, liked the result as they are rather conservative in their personal aesthetic.

“My friends and family are especially dumbfounded as to how I’ve managed to run a business, raise two kids with my partner so frequently working away, as well as renovate the bathroom all by myself.

“What can I say – I am a sucker for all things creative.”


To see more of Rebecca’s home follow @itsabec on Instagram.