Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A chiropractor used an innovative technique to help a patient with severe hip and back pain, which brought them to the brink of tears.

Dr Joseph Cipriano DC, 32, sees lots of patients at his clinic in Greenville, South Carolina, as people far and wide flock to him for an innovative and intense method of helping ease back pain.

Having graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, in 2016 with a doctorate in chiropractic, Dr Cipriano has made quite the name for himself over the past three years due to his viral videos showcasing his back-cracking techniques amassing a large audience on YouTube.

Treating a female patient who had neck, lower back and hip pain, as well as sacral misalignments that caused extreme stress on her nerves, resulting in tingling and numbness to her legs and feet, Dr Cipriano used a device called a Y-strap, which decompressed the patient’s spine.

The intense procedure brought the patient to the brink of tears, before being overcome with happiness due to her pains easing.

Dr Cipriano said: “There is no better feeling in the world when people can get their lives back and live without pain.

“You feel accomplished and proud knowing that you did something great for someone.

“Patients’ emotions are priceless due to a chronic pain being eliminated and people in shock because something has finally helped them.”